A new start, again!

Hello world! My name is Justyna, I’m a designer and a notorious blogger, and honestly I don’t know which blog in sequence it is now. I’ve always been writing blogs or at least sharing my experiences in some way, on and off, abandoning old places, creating new, the cycle goes on.

This time I want to have a more “professional” blog describing what I’m currently working on, as there are some exciting things I’ve done not so long ago and that I’m planning to start in the future.

My most recent attempt at something similar was And I’m in Sweden, where I described my life as an international student, sometimes talking about my assignments and projects, but mostly it was just my life abroad. That blog was followed by two tumblr blogs about my studies, just showing pictures of current work: IDI 2014/15, IxD 2015.

Some time ago, however, I made a decision to interrupt my studies and focus more on own projects and finding my career path, what I couldn’t do with my studies taking large majority of my time and mostly energy. That’s why I’m here now, feeling I need a new place, a fresh start to show thing I’m working on. Partly I also want it to be a complement to my portfolio, since some projects are too small and unimportant to be featured in a portfolio which is supposed to contain only the best and most thought-through works. So here’s gonna be the dump of all the other cool stuff I’ve been working on. At least that’s the current plan, it might change.

In the upcoming posts I would like to describe:

  • my experiences of attending GDC for the first time
  • step-by-step creation of Officer Vi gauntlet
  • impressions from taking an online course in game design

So good luck to me in making it happen, and starting a yet another, but very different kind of blog! So excited!

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