Category: Reflections

Self & Distractions

I just read two articles on Medium that made me want to write this, share my own opinion and reflect. Both of them by the same author. Both of them in a very similar tone, also something I heard before. What I heard/read before was about the sacrifices one makes to lead an extraordinary life, […]

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Tribute to my hard working female friends

Over the last years with the new wave of feminism I’ve heard it so many times about how difficult it is to be acknowledged for being good at what you’re doing when you’re a woman. I heard that today watching Girlboss, a show on Netflix, where one said “you work twice as hard as these […]

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Making stuff with my hands

Around July 2016 I picked an interest in coloring books. I’ve always liked coloring, it’s like revisiting the childhood, but with all the new skills and way more control over my hand. Strangely enough, I don’t like drawing, it’s never been an appealing activity for me. (And here I am, studying design!). Filling things with […]

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