Summer project: practicing video editing

Since I started studying at UmeĆ„ Institute of Design I was bombarded by videos left and right, product videos, process videos, “for fun” videos. I haven’t really been doing much with video in the past, and I finally got inspired to change that this summer!

First up was finishing the Global Game Jam 2016. I recorded bits and pieces during the event with the goal of putting it together after the event. At the time the task seemed quite overwhelming. Thanks to my experience from this year I managed to finally complete it year and a half after the event. Better late than never, right? The footage also turned out to be really challenging to work with, required a lot of audio and video cuts and color correction.


Second on the list ended up being my last year’s hiking trip. In fact I completely forgot I’ve been recording things during the trip, until I was cleaning up my SD card and found the clips. This video turned out particularly challenging due to incredibly poor colors and overall quality recorded by my crappy camera. So the biggest learning outcome was getting to know ways of color correction.


And that’s still one more project I would like to do this summer, that’s After Effects animation. Trenching through the completely new territory, exciting nonetheless, I really want to make it happen!