Experience prototyping: short movie!

Sharing a project from about a month ago. We had a one week video course. It was my first experience with more professional setup, having a way to record audio, set up proper lighting and camera.

I think that was truly the most fun and intense week I had at UID. I ended up with an amazing team, who created the main idea and storyboard when I was away on Monday that week. On Tuesday we had a technical lesson and finally in the afternoon/evening we could start doing test shots, select locations and prepare props. Wednesday was a 12 hour day of shooting all the footage and Thursday and Friday morning were for all the editing work (cuts, sounds, color correction, special effects).

I’m incredibly proud of what we accomplished and how much I got to learn and experience. Here’s our crime movie – Raspberry Pie:

I also wanted to show the process behind the movie from whatever little we got to capture while recording and being busy running around and preparing things. I love watching behind the scenes content and it was tons of fun to create this:

So proud of my team, and so grateful for them dealing with my perfectionism at that time <3 So big tanks to Joanna and Yi-Ting. And also to my good friend Carl-Erik who patiently laid on the floor for one hour playing a victim when we were shooting and various angles and arranging the crime scene around him. <3