About me

Hi! My name is Justyna, and I'm a UX and game designer. I was born in Poland, but have been living in Sweden for narly a decade now. I first came to Sweden to pursue studies in Interaction Design, and happened to fall in love with the life here. I live in a small town of Umeå - home to one of the best design schools in the world (that's why I'm here).

Technology and digital design have been a passion of mine since early teens. Starting from web design, I took more interest in graphic and editorial design, and later interaction design. I'm really grateful for the education I received following that path. Thanks to that I'm currently working as a UX and game designer at Mindforce Game Lab, where we develop a game aimed at helping improve people's health and wellbeing.

Studying at Umeå Institute of Design I got to experience product design and making physical models from foam and clay. While my career of choice stays within digital design, the skills in analogue design boosted my interest in cosplay and crafting!

I really love video games, playing Devil May Cry 3 changed my life forever, making my chase after a career in the gaming industry. I hope to be part of creating games that are more ambitious, and present stories that can support people and tackle more difficult topics. The combination of great narrative and fitting mechanics is something I'm truly passionate about.

Tools of choice

For better or worse, I end up doing everything in Figma these days. Since day one Figma captured my heart with its eas of use, wide range of functions and primarily the online collaborative environment.

Honorable second place goes to Adobe Creative Suite. As much as I can do in Figma, Photoshop and Illustrator are irreplacable for more detailed work. I'm also familiar with XD, InDesign, PremierPro and AfterEffects.

Working as a game designer a lot of my work is about communication and breaking down systems. Therefore another toolset I couldn't live without is Google Slides, Spreadsheets and Docs. Again, due to the collaborative nature of these tools they easily win over desktop equivalents.

Recent projects

I've been working on Fig: A Playtient Journey for the last few years, leaving not much time and energy for side projects, but here are some recent ones. These projects are not portfolio-worthy but I wanted to find some space for them.

Undersnow game, part of Arctic Game Jam, check it out

Gaming blog for first impressions and occasional reviews

Learning Unity in my spare time

Currently reading and playing

I thought it would be fun to show showcase the games, books and podcasts that I've been spending my time with lately.

Trine 2

Move Fast, Break Shit, Burn Out

Trying to understand better what's happening in the world