Quick Info

Team: Mindforce Game Lab
Role: Game Designer, UX Designer
Year: 2018 - present
Website: mindforcegamelab.com

Coming up in fall 2020

Fig: A Playtient Journey is a 3D mobile game to help people build healthy lifestyle throught interacting with Fig. More info hopefully coming soon at mindforcegamelab.com

My role in the project

I joined Mindforce Game Lab quite early in the process of defining the game. At that time the game's theme and core mechanics of puzzle levels were decided, but a lot of other elements such as rewards, game vs. healthy habits, UI, and narrative were still in their infancy stage. Originally I was helping out with mapping overviews and session flows through th UX-lense to provide more insights for shaping the product. Gradually I started working more on UX and UI, trying to find a UI design that's entertaining and satisfying to use, while also participating in the game design meetings. Eventually I took over as the game design lead.

Stepping into the role of a game designer, I had to fill in a lot of missing documentation and start working on detailed breakdowns of game events right away. I was collaborating closely with art department to know what the production possibilities are. Due to a decided change of direction into an adventure game just 2 months before my take-over I was also in charge of devloping new mission system and narrative, writing dialogues, and designing the first iteration of the tutorial.

On a daily basis my work contains a lot of decision making, sometimes making difficult calls, but thanks to my team's support and trust they are not that difficult :D. On a regular day I prototype a lot in the form of wireframes, passing them as references to team members. I'm regularly communicating with different departments, and trying to find common ground between the vision and what's actually possible. Beside that I also work a lot on writing support documents, drafting visions, and periodically making project status presentations for the management.

Art by Kenny Lindström

Next Project

Global Game Jam is a 48-hours game development hackathon, that takes place all around the world during the same time. With my initiative Umeå, Sweden join that global event for the first time.