Quick Info

Role: graphic designer, editor
Year: 2014 - 2017
Place: Umeå Institute of Design


When I joined Umeå Institute of Design I as delighted to hear that there is a student magazine, coming out on a weekly basis and anyone can be part of the design team. I've always been fascinated by editorial graphic design, and wanted to try that myself. Prior to Wozzop I haven't had a good excuse to step into that field. I loved working ith the magazine and eventually took over as the editor, training new students.

Working as a graphic designer

Being part of the Wozzop team was an enormous learning opportunity - I learned how to use InDesign, which I have never had any contact with by then. I also learned a lot about printing and adjusting the color setup, print layout, and got familiar with advanced features of printers. And everything in an intensive crash-course pace, as each issue had to be designed over the weekend.

I joined Wozzop as a graphic designer. In that role my task was to arrange provided content into a 8-page format. I would receive the content on Friday evening and had to finish by Sunday evening - the design had to be completed within 2 days, and prepared in a format suitable for printing as well as digital distribution.

Working as an editor

At the end of the first year I started helping out as an editor, and continued in that role for the coming years, trying to build a team of designers and other editors. Being an editor meant I was in charge of finding the content for the magazine and scheduling graphic designers each week. I would search for valuable articles to reprint, inspirational videos, and forwarding important information from th faculty. I would later evaluate if design and format are suitable for printing, then print it and distribute it every Monday morning.


Here's a few examples of the magazine spreads that I designed. I always strived to make each week visually unique, exploring the different functions of InDesign.

Next Project

My interest in games led to following cosplayers who bring to life fictional characters. Over the last years I gave it a try myself and crated a few cosplays as a hobby.