Month: August 2017

Featured past project: CSS tutorials

Not everything can make it into the portfolio. General rule is said to be that “your portfolio is only as strong as the weakest project“. But there is some pretty cool stuff I’ve done in the past and I’d like to feature it somehow, even if I can’t put it in the main portfolio. So […]

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In search of a fitting CMS

Looking at the growing population of designers who want to create websites but don’t know how to code, and the “make your own website in 5 minutes” systems flooding the web, I find it hard not to pride my self in the fact that, unlike many others, I can code. That’s why from the start […]

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Summer project: practicing video editing

Since I started studying at UmeĆ„ Institute of Design I was bombarded by videos left and right, product videos, process videos, “for fun” videos. I haven’t really been doing much with video in the past, and I finally got inspired to change that this summer! First up was finishing the Global Game Jam 2016. I […]

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