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Experience prototyping: short movie!

Sharing a project from about a month ago. We had a one week video course. It was my first experience with more professional setup, having a way to record audio, set up proper lighting and camera. I think that was truly the most fun and intense week I had at UID. I ended up with […]

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Experience prototyping: Omega Squad Veigar

University resumed on Monday this week, and the high tempo started already on the first day with a quick recap of Arduino. By the end of the week we had to create something. The goal wasn’t anything in particular, the whole task was mostly about us trying things out and creating a functional system. I […]

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Working with textiles and music

As I said in my intro entry (that happens to have been written nearly a year ago), I plan to write on the current and recent project on this blog, and everything else I might find important or meaningful to share, but mostly projects still. There’s only so much that makes it into a portfolio, […]

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