Tag: Process

Creating visual theme for Umeå Global Game Jam 2018

Since 2015 I’ve been the main organizer of Global Game Jam in Umeå. The idea to do that came quite unexpectedly from an acquaintance from another city who used to organize it there. After a bit of hesitation I decided to go with it. It seemed to include all the things I liked to do […]

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Building Officer Vi gauntlet

Halloween at Umeå Institute of Design is a big thing. The talks of Halloween costumes start a month before the actual event. After all we have all those amazing industrial design students who have amazing skills in making incredible product models, and we also have an amazing workshop that allows us to build those models. […]

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Experience prototyping: Omega Squad Veigar

University resumed on Monday this week, and the high tempo started already on the first day with a quick recap of Arduino. By the end of the week we had to create something. The goal wasn’t anything in particular, the whole task was mostly about us trying things out and creating a functional system. I […]

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