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About me

Hi there! My name is Justyna. Originally I come from from Poland, but I spent last five years studying in Sweden variation of IT, Human-Computer Interaction and currently I’m enrolled in Interaction Design program at Umeå Institute of Design, where I can finally take design more seriously than a hobby.

Despite having background in computer science, design was always my true passion. In particular I feel very strongly about the value of entertainment, that’s why I want to design awesome experiences for people - just because something is serious doesn’t mean it has to be boring. My strongest interest lies in video games, and their potential to influence people, but I also enjoy anything related to graphic design, especially for promoting events and user interfaces.

In everyday life I’m one of those people who always finds a ton of things to do, so I never get bored. I already mentioned my belief in video games, so naturally that’s big part of my past times. But I also appreciate outdoors activities, especially in the mountain areas, and in the winter - snow is totally my thing. I’ve also always been active at writing about my experiences, be it studyng abroad or describing my projects .(Oh, I really like writing too.)

To conclude, I love challenges, from organizing events, to coordinating student magazine on a weekly basis, to simply finding time for all the things I want to do or coming up with a cool design solution. And I always rely on good entertainment to keep me relaxed.

My works

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